Terms & Conditions


  • The outfit calendars do not always accurately reflect outfit availability. 
  • Flick us a message on Instagram @highendoutfithub for any questions or availability queries.
  • We are of course happy to refund any orders booked where we don't have the outfit available or don't think that the outfit will arrive in time.
  • ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL. There is no refunds if you don't end up wearing, liking the outfit, don't want it anymore, your event gets cancelled or it doesn't fit you. Placing an order means that we are reserving the outfit for you, please just book a try on if you want to try something on first but are happy not to have the outfit secured if someone else gets it first. 
  • Outfits are rented in an ‘as is’ condition, we take great care to ensure that our outfits are regularly replaced and maintained/cleaned to be in near perfect condition. However, minor faults will not automatically entitle you to a full refund. If you have an issue with a fault, this needs to be raised immediately. You are responsible for checking over outfits and if an outfit is taken home after a try on or kept for more than a day for a postal rental no refunds will be given for faults raised later. 
  • Booking an outfit does not guarantee that you will receive it or be able to pick it up days in advance. We aim to get outfits posted or ready for pick up as much in advance as we can (up to a week in advance). Any rentals that are received by you in time for your event are not refundable.
  • COVID - refunds are at our discretion. We will CREDIT if there is actual government restrictions put in place preventing you from attending your event. 


  • We usually express post interstate orders on Monday for arrival by Friday. Note that we don't post rural orders last minute, so please book in advance as much as possible. Normal post time for express orders is 2-3 days.
  • You can also select postage if you live in WA.
  • All postage orders include a return satchel with our address on it to post back.
  • IMPORTANT: Please post orders back by Monday night at the latest. Parcels must be completely filled out and signed. Express satchels need to be dropped in a yellow Aus post box or at a counter, and standard satchels need to be posted in a red post box or at a counter. $10 a day charge applies to a late/incorrect return up until the rental value if it interrupt/leads to the cancellation of another order, and we seek compensation. 
  • You will not be refunded if your order is delayed/late delivery as a result of where you live (rural, or postal delays to your area). We are happy to extend the hire in this case.

Perth pick-ups

  • Please book a 'pick-up' appointment in order to collect orders pre-booked on the website.
  • Generally you can book to pick up an outfit anytime in the one week leading up to your event, we will inform you if it needs to be picked up later in the week as it isn't returned or ready yet.
  • Pickup and drop back are the responsibility of the renter only, do not send someone else to collect or return your outfit.

Damages and staining

  • We no longer charge a bond on orders, however extra costs will apply for outfits returned in a condition where marks/stains do not come out after cleaning. 
  • If an outfit needs to be sent to get specialist cleaning, or for a repair you will be charged the price of the cleaning or repair. $30 is the flat rate charged for basic dry cleaning. Repairs are dependant on severity.
  • If an outfit still isn’t in a rentable condition after dry cleaning and much cleaning and effort by us to restore it to its previous condition, the renter will be liable to replace the outfit.
  • If an outfit is returned in such a way that it can't be fixed, you will be required to pay a replacement cost, and can keep the damaged or stained outfit. We work closely in the rare situation that this does happen with the renter to ensure that a fair agreement is reached (depending on the outfit and how old it is this is usually a 'second hand' replacement cost). 
  • PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN WEARING OUR OUTFITS. Pick an appropriate outfit for your event.


  • Strictly all outfits must be returned on Monday or Sunday (for weekend rentals).
  • Postal order returns can be tracked by us, and a $10 per date late fee may be charged on late returns OR the value of a cancelled rental if the late return leads to a cancellation of the next rental (whatever is the greater value).
  • Local returns must be dropped in our returns bucket, a $10 per day late fee may be charged OR the value of a cancelled rental if the late return leads to a cancellation of the next rental (whatever is the greater value).